Consider these 15 Raw, Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated and Air-Dried Foods for Dogs and Cats

Pets Plus Magazine put together a list of products that will help pet parents on their raw journey. In that list, they picked Hi Bio, the raw diet alternative, as a preferred diet to consider. This article was written by the Pets Plus staff:

Stocking the spectrum of raw pet foods will help you match a product to every pet parent’s comfort level.

INDIES STAND OUT from the competition by not only being a source for raw dog and cat foods, but also by having the expertise to help pet parents feel confident switching to such a diet. Consider these 15 products to meet customers wherever they are on their raw journey.


New packaging of minimally processed, air-dried raw diet alternative for dogs and cats that helps to preserve the nutritional elements and enzymes of the raw food. Fortified with Alltech vitamins and minerals and free of pea, gluten and grain. In Beef and Chicken. 3.2 and 9.9 pounds


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