Evangers Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Evangers featured in the Wall Street Journal with excerpts

Excerpts of Evanger’s Pet Foods feature in The Wall Street Journal for Kosher for Passover Pet Foods – full article here: The Dog-Eat-Dog World of Kosher Pet Food at Passover – WSJ


As the ONLY pet food on the market endorsed by the CRC as Kosher for Passover, Evanger’s is excited to be featured in today’s Wall Street Journal (as quoted):
“Callie Sher gushes about the meats put out by Evanger’s, the cannery her family runs outside of Chicago. Religious Jews ask for their products by name…If you ever open up a can of Evanger’s, it looks like a brisket,’ Ms. Sher says.


“Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company is particularly busy these days, when pet-owning Jews face a quandary. During the Passover festival…Jews traditionally eat only unleavened bread for eight days and, if they are especially observant, not a crumb of chametz, or grain, can be in their possession or even fed to Fido. But dog food is largely made of grain. The Shers’ canine chow is free of the forbidden fillers.”


“Such pet-menu angst led Holly and Joel Sher…to spot a business opportunity. Not just any canned food would do for particularly observant pet owners. They asked the Chicago Rabbinical Council to certify their filler-free canned dog food as being kosher for Passover. It has helped them expand the 88 year-old company to 70 employees from 10 when they bought it.” – Wall Street Journal article

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