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5-Star Rated and 5-Time Winner
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5-Star ratings on Dog Food Advisor | 5-Time Winner and Finalist of Editor’s Choice by Pet Product News Int’l | 2-Time Pet Insight Vanguard Award Winner

Welcome to Evanger’s!

The innovators of hand packed gourmet dinners and balanced meals for pets of all life stages, ages, and breeds.

Health Guide

Many common health problems like allergies and weight management can be helped with a clean, high-quality diet. Check out Evanger's quick tip problem-solution guide.


Calendar Contest

Enter a photo of your dog, cat, or ferret for a chance to see your pet featured in next year's Evanger's calendar! Plus win a prize packages of Evanger's USA Made pet food.



Looking for a special diet for your pet? From allergies to obesity, get the inside scoop on how Evanger's natural and organic foods may be the answer for your pet.



Our savory dinners and tasty game meats are irresistible to any of our canine or feline family members. No preservatives, artificial ingredients, or harmful additives.



See photos of the most adorable dogs and cats sent to us from pet owners all across the country. See their name, age, breed, location, and favorite Evanger's food.



We are celebrating over 80 years, and our family is grateful for your support! Originally founded by Fred Evanger, a Great Dane international kennel club breeder.


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Contact our pet food specialists for answers.

What They Say About Us

  • Evanger's. You have probably saved my boy. He has SIBO after ingesting some gravel 2 months ago and is a 70 pound German Shepherd Dog. As a result he went from 77 to 70 pounds and no matter what I did he would not eat enough to put weight back on due to his intestinal issues. I recently added a little 100% Rabbit to his meal and for the first time not only is he eating everything but he is wanting more food on top of that! he stands there and whines when I pop the Rabbit can. I think we might finally get weight on him. Nothing else worked. If it were not for Evanger's I do not know what we would have done.

    Rani Gill
    Rani Gill
    If it weren't for Evanger's, I don't know what we would have done
  • I was shocked that the foods were actually like the pictures on the site! Usually, the photos present a vamped up image of the dog food – but yours were true to form! I opened the mackerel and was amazed to see those little fishies staring back at me! I then opened the beef stew can and it looked exactly as the stew I would make myself. I placed both bowls down and literally in less than 3 minutes, both plates were devoured! My pups looked back at me, sat and raised their paws, which is the signal that they wanted more. I was floored! I am thrilled that they love your foods and am equally thrilled with the quality of the meals.

    Michele Gouveia from Griswold, Connecticut
    I am THRILLED that they LOVE your foods
  • We were there to purchase, as usual, dog snacks, ferret toys, and then food for the turtle (a red eared slider named Nickel). We opted for Evanger’s Super Premium 100% moist canned pheasant for dogs and thought perhaps the turtle might appreciate it. She has gone insane in joy over it and gobbled up every morsel offered! Also, our 105 lb. APBT also has greedily watched us feed the turtle in hopes for a treat of it. We also offered it to our 2 year old ferret who also readily indulged in it.

    Stacey De La Luna from Wayzata, Minnesota
    She has gone insane in joy over it and gobbled up every morsel offered
  • I wanted to let you know how much your dog food has meant to us. Our female Maltese is only 3-1/2 pounds. She is from a puppy mill and that is why she is so small and very fragile. She actually “died” in my husband’s arms 2 days after we got her. She barely survived. Ever since getting her, we’ve tried everything on the market to try to get her to eat. She turned her nose up at everything, even my homemade food. Thank you so much for putting out a product with such a high standard and obviously great flavor. We will be loyal supporters and purchasers for the life of our babies.

    Rick and Christina S. from Prescott, Arizona
    We will be loyal supporters and purchasers for the life of our babies

Evanger’s Headquarters

Made in the United States since 1935.

Meet Our Family

Family owned and operated for generations.

Joel Sher

Top Dog Innovator

Holly Sher


Chelsea Sher

Business Development

Brett Sher

Novel protein purveyor


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