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Against the Grain LicKitty cat food package showing four individual squeeze tubes

From minced to pâtés, gravies, stews and more, cat owners demand a wide selection of foods their pets will crave, and retailers that offer a comprehensive selection—including treats to top it all off—are seeing success.


Despite some supply challenges, the cat food and treats market is chugging along, fueled by owners seeking high-quality products to cater to their cats’ dietary needs…

…They also spend more on cat foods and treats formulated to solve or prevent common health problems for their cats, such as urinary tract issues, poor digestion and hairballs, said Holly Sher, owner and president of Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co., a manufacturer in Markham, Ill.

U.S.-sourced-and-made products continue to be preferred, in addition to single-ingredient and recognizable proteins, Sher added.

New Products

More to Meow About

Earlier this year, Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Co. introduced LicKitty Mousse with Catnip Treats for Cats from the company’s Against the Grain Pet Food line. The creamy Chicken Recipe treat comes in packs of four convenient squeeze pouches.

“Perfect for sharing a bonding moment, squeeze a little mousse onto your finger and feed it to your cat to enhance your cat-parent bond,” said Holly Sher, owner and president of the Markham, Ill.-based company. “Or squeeze some over your cat’s meal for a flavor enhancer and moisture booster.”


These clips are taken from the article “How Retailers are Meeting Cat Owners Expectations in Food and Treats” August 2022 issue of Pet Product News International.  You can read the full article here.


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