The Story of Heartbreak: An Abused Bait Dog, Her Rescue, and Her Road to A Happy Home with Evanger’s Dog Foods

Rescued bait dog

We received this story from an Animal Rescue in Texas.  This is the story of Heartbreak – a beautiful dog who came from a life of abuse.  We are indebted to those who help these animals and show them what a life with love is like. This was shared with us because part of Heartbreak’s road to recovery was consuming Evanger’s wet food.  Read on….

Hello Callie,

I hope this finds you well and staying cool! Thank you for your time on the phone speaking with me about Heartbreak and Barking Mad Animal Rescue.
Heartbreak’s condition upon arrival at BMAR
Rescued Pitbull
Heartbreak the Dog – she was dumped after being overbred and used as a bait dog

To recap, Heartbreak was dumped after being used as a bait dog who was also overbred. I reached out to Barking Mad Animal Rescue (a 501c3), who takes very difficult cases that have been abused and fought. Heartbreak is heartworm positive, with other health issues and many injuries to her body. She was also food aggressive, which is understandable given the abuse she suffered. Her teeth have been filed down because of fighting. Barking Mad has worked with her and has exclusively fed her Evanger’s wet food, especially chicken and rice, which she loves and agrees with her stomach. This has helped her on a path to better health. She’s currently going through heartworm treatment and we’re treating other conditions and her wounds.

Heartbreak the Rescue Dog on the path to recovery with TLC from BMAR and an Evanger’s Dog Food Diet
Heartbreak’s teeth were filed down by her torturers so that she could be used as a bait dog. In her recovery, Evanger’s canned dog foods are the perfect texture for pets who have a hard time chewing, and is what Heartbreak is eating on her path to recovery.
Would you say that after some time being loved at BMAR, Heartbreak is smiling?
Heartbreak is on her road to recovery. With love, freedom, and some good Evanger’s food, Heartbreak is enjoying her rehabilitation and a life without abuse.
C.J., the founder of Barking Mad Animal Rescue is a big fan of Evanger’s and gives it to all dogs with any type of health issue (which is many of her dogs). I personally ordered eight cases of chicken and rice wet food to send for Heartbreak.
Barking Mad Animal Rescue is located in Hemphill, TX, an economically depressed area. BMAR is the only shelter in three counties — there is no animal control or municipal shelters. It’s a very dire situation, especially given there are very few donors and adopters given the financial issues of the area (the organization does multiple adoption transports to Canada each month). BMAR also provides free boarding to people who find themselves without a home and for veterans. The organization also reaches out to low income people with food and support. The group has become an oasis in the community.
……I’ve attached photos of Heartbreak (the first two are when she came to BMAR, the rest are over time as she’s improving). Please let me know if you have any questions. We thank you for your kindness and the wonderful food you create for all our pups!
Kind regards,
We at Evanger’s want to thank Melissa for rescuing this amazing dog, and for sharing this story with us.  If you’d like to read more about this amazing rescue organization, please visit their Facebook page or website:

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