About Our Products

Welcome to Evanger’s, where we are OBSESSED with your pet’s nutrition!  Here, Excellence Meets Nutrition. We are organically health solution-centric in our recipes, focusing on uncomplicated biologically appropriate diets that support your pet’s microbiome, and overall health and happiness.  We transform high-quality, inspected meats into highly palatable and nutritious pet foods designed to please even the most discerning eaters. Our family’s commitment to excellence spans a remarkable 90-year legacy, establishing Evanger’s as a pioneer in crafting super premium pet food that sets the gold standard for nutritional quality and taste.

About Our Products

At Evanger’s, we pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients to create gourmet meals that go beyond satisfying hunger – they provide essential nutritional benefits for pets at all life stages, ages, and breeds. Our canned meals are not only delicious but also serve as excellent mixers with our dry foods, offering your pet a variety of tastes and ensuring a balanced diet.

Hand Packed Edition:
Experience a monumental improvement in canned dog and cat foods with our Hand Packed Edition. We’ve elevated our exceptional product by filling each can individually with care, using a pair of hands and instead of machines, allowing you to witness the quality ingredients in their original form – whole, pure meats, and fresh vegetables without additives or by-products. This unique “home-cooked” style of canned pet food was originally invented for our own family dog, Yukon.  The first product we made for him was Hunk of Beef. Your pets will feel like royalty with every bite, and think you cooked for them, just like Yukon!

Expanded Product Line:
Since the introduction of our Hand Packed foods in 2003, Evanger’s has expanded its family of exceptional foods and treats. Explore our diverse offerings, including Signature Series Cuts & Gravy, Gold Line Dinners & Supplements, Grain-Free Game Meat Supplements and Complements, Heritage Classics, and Nothing But Natural Treats in Semi-Moist Jerky and Gently Dried Varieties.

Manufacturing Process

Our commitment to quality extends to our manufacturing process. Evanger’s cans are packed with wholesome, raw ingredients in their natural juices. Sealed and cooked entirely within the can, this process locks in nutrients and flavor, ensuring both wholesome nutrition for long life and good health, and the irresistible taste your pets love. Naturally, it’s the best for your furry companions!

A Little More About Evanger’s

Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company stands as a venerable name in the pet food industry, founded in 1935 as a family-owned business. With a focus on producing and sourcing all products in the U.S., we prioritize quality and safety, earning the trust of pet owners nationwide. Our timeless brand is synonymous with top-tier pet nutrition, innovation, and a dedication to the well-being and happiness of your beloved pets for 9 pet generations. Evanger’s – where excellence meets nutrition!

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