Ask The Nutritionist

You can participate in our weekly #GetPetHealthy question session!  Each week, we invite our pet parents to ask a diet-related question, and our on-staff nutritionist picks one great question to answer.


Past Questions

  • My  bulldog is a few pounds overweight. What diet do you recommend to get him to a healthy weight? #GetPetHealthy ~ Monica D
  • When my dog has an allergic outbreak she gets little black dots on her belly. Do you know what this condition is called? #GetPetHealthy ~ Marietta B
  • I have a question about food allergies. If your dog is prone to food allergy and yeast overgrowth which carbohydrates in food are a better choice? Potatoes, sweet potatoes, grains, peas, lentils? #GetPetHealthy ~ Heather R T
  • And here are some great every day tips… Like humans, your pet should be getting check-ups regularly. Take your pets to a veterinarian for annual physicals, teeth cleanings, and whenever an injury or sudden health condition pops up. Do not make major changes to your pet’s diet without consulting a veterinarian, particularly if there are health conditions present.



Is your cat or dog a bit overweight? If you have a plump pooch, try switching to Evanger’s dry Chicken & Brown Rice, Pheasant & Brown Rice, Whitefish & Sweet Potato, or NEW Grain-Free Chicken with Sweet Potato and Pumpkin diets, and replace part of the dry diet with any canned foods. The Grain Free meat cans, which include Duck, Chicken, Beef, Rabbit, Pheasant, Buffalo, and NEW Pork are low in fat but high in protein-building amino acids and other essential nutrients — and are also loaded with flavor. This means that your dieting dog can lose weight without feeling starved, and you know you’ve done something nutritious, balanced, and gentle. Be sure to limit the overall amount of food and treats given and eaten.

Over Weight cats can also, benefit from Evanger’s cans. Try replacing their existing diet with our meat-based USDA Certified Organic Braised Chicken Dinner or Seafood & Caviar Dinner; neither is high in fat, and both are loaded with nutrients. Again, limit the overall amount of food eaten. And avoid those high-calorie snacks!

As much as Evanger’s can help with weight control, it is important to remember that exercise is a large factor as well. Try to give your dog about 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise daily and your cat can enjoy chasing balls, toys, and feathers on sticks with you to accomplish exercise goals. Not only will this benefit your pet’s well-being, but also gives you more quality time with them.



Does your dog or cat have dry, itchy skin? Lick or chew paws, have hot spots and lick until the fur is gone, get ear infections or anal gland infections regularly? These can be allergies! Have you had a veterinarian do allergy testing on your cat or dog? If so, you’ll have a list of food ingredients that should be avoided. Evanger’s offers a broad range of different meat sources and combinations (chicken, turkey, beef, duck, rabbit, pheasant, buffalo, and lamb) that you will have no difficulty selecting a product that will help your fuzzy, allergy-effected pal. All Evanger’s foods are free of corn, soy, wheat, and dairy ingredients that can cause and trigger allergy flare-ups.


Urinary Tract Infections

Run this past your veterinarian: If your cat or dog tends to develop struvite crystals in its urine, causing pain and infection, Evanger’s might be able to help. If urine can be made more acidic, struvite crystals can’t form. Meat happens to be a natural acidifier. Try adding any of Evanger’s canned meat products to your dog’s or cat’s diet. This is a common-sense, drug-free way of improving your pet’s health. High anti-oxidant levels can also help with crystals; Evanger’s Holistic Pheasant Dinner and Organic Braised Chicken both have blueberries and cranberries, nature’s way of helping clear the crystals and keep them away.


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