Healthy Pet Tips

Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy

  1. Groom your pet often. Not only will grooming your pooch give him/her a beautiful coat, but did you know it can prevent skin disease as well?
  2. When you come home from a tough day of work, show your pet some love. Not only will the unconditional love from your doggie make you feel better, if you rub his belly and ears and find that special place that makes his leg shake, you’ll never have a bad day again.
  3. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly-like you; his pearly whites need to be kept clean to prevent disease and rotten teeth-and his paws can’t do brusha-brusha-brusha by himself!
  4. Feed your best friend like a queen or king. Feeding a high-quality food is vital to your pet’s health and well-being; you wouldn’t want to give your kids low-quality food!
  5. Don’t forget, just like humans need exercise, doggies do too. Walk ’em, jog ’em, do something to get their heart rates pumping.
  6. Keep those claws trim! Did you know that when a dog’s nails are too long it can cause discomfort? Keep ’em trim, and keep pooch happy.
  7. On those hot days, make sure you are keeping your pet’s water dish full with fresh water and changing it daily.
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