Cat Food


  1. […] Food has a wonderful selection of food for your Cats & Dogs. Pet owners, this is a food you will want to hear about on OMG […]

  2. […] Evanger's – Classic Line, Grain-Free Game Line or Organics Line.  With the Game Line, beware that this line does not contain vitamins and minerals, no bone for calcium, and the only organ is liver.  They do not recommend feeding this daily without adding supplements.  I order a case of either rabbit or pheasant (both good for rotation diets).  My cats get this one time a week, so I do not worry about it not having the added vitamins and minerals.  I use this for a change away from the almost every day chicken.  On this day, they are fed raw lamb for breakfast and Evanger's for dinner.  This way, they get a different protein source for a full 24-hour period to rest their systems from the chicken.  I also feed them turkey once/week, and canned mackerel once/week.  All other meals are raw ground chicken and bones for breakfast and Holistic Select canned (containing chicken) for dinner.  […]

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