Aug 2022
Rescued bait dog

We received this story from an Animal Rescue in Texas.  This is the story of Heartbreak – a beautiful dog who came from a life of abuse.  We are indebted to those who help these animals and show them what a life with love is like. This was shared with us because part of Heartbreak’s road to recovery was consuming Evanger’s wet food.  Read on…. Hello Callie, I hope this finds you well and staying cool! Thank you for your time on the phone speaking with me about Heartbreak and Barking Mad......

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Aug 2022
Against the Grain LicKitty cat food package showing four individual squeeze tubes

From minced to pâtés, gravies, stews and more, cat owners demand a wide selection of foods their pets will crave, and retailers that offer a comprehensive selection—including treats to top it all off—are seeing success.   Despite some supply challenges, the cat food and treats market is chugging along, fueled by owners seeking high-quality products to cater to their cats’ dietary needs… …They also spend more on cat foods and treats formulated to solve or prevent common health problems for their cats, such as urinary tract issues, poor digestion and hairballs, said......

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Jul 2022
Evangers Low Phosphorus Food for Cats

“AS YOU CONTINUE to push the importance of moisture to customers with cats, offer them options to keep their kitties interested and eating. Shop these wet foods to add to your current selection.” Evx Restrictive Diet Low Phosphorus EVANGER’S PET FOOD Boneless beef chunk and gravy recipe formulated to have controlled levels of phosphorus, magnesium and ash while offering a high meat and moisture content. Contains DL-Methionine and Yucca schidigera extract. 5.5 ounces. Read the full article here, written by Rachel Phelps for Pets Plus Magazine July-August 2022 edition...

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Jul 2022
Evangers Organic Cat Food Top Rated

Which organic dog food is best? When you treat your dog as a family member, you’ll naturally want to buy the best food you can afford. Organic dog food is made using produce free from harmful pesticides and meat raised without antibiotic use. While your selection is significantly limited if you only want to buy organic food, you’ll still find enough choices to discover one that’s right for your dog. Evanger’s Organics Dinner for Dogs is a top choice for those who prefer wet food. Read the full article here....

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May 2022
Evangers Vanguard Award Limited Ingredient Diet

Leading manufacturers in the limited ingredient diets category have helped pet owners fight allergies, picky eating and sensitivities. Evanger’s has been driving the category for more than 85 years and continue to innovate within the space. Evanger’s has won the 2022 Vanguard Award from Pet Insight for its limited ingredient dog and cat food dinners. The company’s attention to limited ingredients is part of our foundation, since 1935....

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