Easing Your Pet’s Tummy Troubles: The Role of Diet in Managing Sensitive Stomachs

Easing Your Pet's Tummy Troubles: The Role of Diet in Managing Sensitive Stomachs

Does your pet often turn away from their food bowl or suffer from digestive issues? Understanding and managing sensitive stomachs in pets is crucial for their wellbeing. In this post, we delve into dietary solutions that can make a world of difference.

Understanding Sensitive Stomachs in Pets:

Sensitive stomachs in pets can manifest as symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, gas, and a general lack of appetite. While these signs are distressing, the right diet can often alleviate and manage these symptoms effectively.

Causes of Sensitive Stomachs:

Various factors, from food intolerances and allergies to stress and eating habits, can contribute to a sensitive stomach. It’s essential to consult a vet to rule out serious conditions like inflammatory bowel disease or infections.

Dietary Management:

For pets with sensitive stomachs, a diet with easily digestible ingredients is key. Avoiding common allergens like wheat, corn, soy, generic meat by-products and opting for novel protein sources can help reduce digestive distress. Prebiotics and probiotics are also beneficial in promoting healthy gut flora.  These can be added in separately, or you can find a recipe that already includes functional ingredients for gut health.

Evanger’s Solutions:

Evanger’s offers a specialized diet for pets with sensitive stomachs. EVX Restricted Diet for Sensitive Stomach is formulated with high-quality, simple ingredients that are gentle on the stomach while providing all the essential nutrients, and comes with the added benefit of prebiotics and postbiotics. This diet focuses on minimal ingredients to reduce the risk of food sensitivities.

Tips for Transitioning Foods:

When introducing your pet to Evanger’s EVX, do it gradually. Start by mixing a small amount of Evanger’s with their current food and gradually increase the proportion over a week. This helps your pet’s digestive system to adjust without causing additional stress.


A sensitive stomach doesn’t have to mean a life of discomfort for your pet. With the right diet, such as Evanger’s EVX for Sensitive Stomach, many pets live happy, healthy lives without the distress of digestive problems.  Discover more about Evanger’s EVX Restricted Diet for Sensitive Stomach and how it can benefit your pet.


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