EVX Restricted Diets for Feline Gut Health

If you’re a cat parent looking for a natural recipe for cats that may help support a healthy gut microbiome, EVx foods could be a great option. These complete balanced dinners come in a variety of textures, ranging from chunks in gravy to pate in broth, and are designed to be palatable and functional. Unlike the majority of cat foods in the market, these products do not use Agar or Carrageenan Gums. They are grain-free and gluten-free, and there is an emphasis on the use of fresh meat for obligate carnivores, which has many essential amino acids naturally like Taurine, Cysteine, and L Carnitine.

My Cat Became Picky and Won’t Eat Her Food:

EVX Restricted Diet Cat Foods provide a solution to another problem: food wear-out. As a balanced dinner, these diets can be fed as an everyday meal and rotated to help avoid food wear-out. The novelty effect may wear out when a pet is not enriched by new foods, so these formulas are designed to be interchangeable for cats without specific health issues, as well as a few common health issues.

A pretty cat sticking his tongue out as he is enjoying a delectable meal of Evangers Cat Food from a plate. The cat is deciding between eating Evanger's Holistic Quail Recipe or EVX Restricted Diet Low Phosphorus food for renal and kidney issues.How Do EVX Restricted Diet Cat Foods Support My Cat’s Gut Health?

Many health issues start in the gut!  So it’s important to use a food that will support a healthy gut, especially as cats age.  NVGEN is a prebiotic blend that helps build the gut microbiome and control inflammation at the gut level. It is an immune-nutritive compound that helps activate and support the immune system. NVGEN helps keep the villi on the small intestine healthy, which is important for gut (intestine) health. Senior pets experience increased oxidation and inflammation, and NVGEN helps control inflammation through immuno-nutrition, which we do by feeding the right microbial nutrition. As cats age, there is less beneficial bacteria in their microbiome, so if their food supports the microbial population, they will have better health and immunity. NVGEN also helps reduce inflammation, particularly important for joints and heart disease. By changing and balancing the microbiome, we can reduce bacteria associated with inflammation and increase bacteria associated with a healthy gut. The microbiome can influence everything from our mood, our overall health, and aging. With NVGEN, we can help cats maintain a healthy microbiome as they age.


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