Pet Food Solutions for Cats and Dogs with Allergies

Pet Food Solutions for Cats and Dogs with Allergies

For all of us who suffer with allergies, we know how difficult it can be. Obviously, it is no different with our dogs and cats who struggle with these reactions. And, of course, this issue is compounded when our beloved pets cannot voice their discomforts, so allergy testing is a must. Whether it is recurring ear infections, dry or itchy skin, these symptoms indicate underlying allergies in our pets.

According to the Animal Humane Society, “Dogs and cats show similar allergy symptoms as humans, yet they experience them most through their skin.”

To meet this demand, Evanger’s offers a wide range of allergy-friendly pet food options that cater to the exact needs of your animals.

Identifying Allergy Symptoms

Does your pet have dry and/or itchy skin? Are they incessantly licking or chewing on their paws? Do they suffer from frequent ear and anal gland infections? All these symptoms are signs of allergies. At this point, it is important to consult your veterinarian and conduct an allergy test. These tests can provide valuable insights into the specific ingredients triggering these reactions.

Evanger’s Allergy-Friendly Foods

After the allergy test is complete, you will know what allergens to avoid. This is an important step in helping your pet live a better life. Now navigating the scope of pet food becomes more manageable with Evanger’s. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of meat sources and combinations. From chicken, turkey, beef, duck, and rabbit to pheasant, buffalo, and/or lamb, you have a plethora of choices for your pet.

Free of Common Allergens

What sets Evanger’s apart from the competition in the world of allergy management is our promise to exclude common allergens from recipes. All Evanger’s foods are free of corn, soy, wheat, and dairy ingredients – known culprits that can cause and trigger allergy flare-ups in pets. This dedication to allergen-free formulations provides a reliable option for pet owners traversing the complexities of allergy management.

Choosing the Right Product

With Evanger’s diverse meat sources and allergen-free commitment, selecting the right product for your allergy-affected pet becomes an easy process. No matter what your pet prefers, we have you covered. Whether it is chicken or novel proteins like buffalo or rabbit, we have a solution. This extensive variety ensures that your pet can enjoy a delicious, nutritious meal without the worry of triggering allergic reactions.

Caring for Your Allergy-Stricken Pets

Managing allergies in pets is a comprehensive challenge that goes beyond meal choices. While Evanger’s plays a crucial role in providing allergen-free nutrition, regular grooming, a clean-living environment, and consulting with your veterinarian for additional treatments or medications are equally important components of holistic allergy care.

Navigating the challenges of pet allergies demands a careful and customized approach. With Evanger’s, pet owners have access to a vast array of meat options, each carefully crafted to address the specific needs of allergy-affected dogs and cats. Our commitment to excluding common allergens ensures that your furry friend can enjoy a flavorful, nutritious diet without the risk of triggering allergic reactions. By incorporating Evanger’s into your pet’s routine, you take a significant step towards providing them with the care and nourishment they deserve.


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Since 1935, Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc. has been the finest natural pet food company in the United States. Our founder, Fred Evanger, bred, exhibited, and championed his Great Danes in international kennel clubs. Mr. Evanger built a canning factory at his kennels so he could make quality pet food free of harmful additives or preservatives that was superior enough for his champions.

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