Pet of the Month

Name: Mandy
Location: Niles, Illinois
Owner: Tim Stevens
Breed: Mountain Feist
Age: 4
Favorite Evanger’s Food: Evanger’s Signature Series Slow Cooked Chicken Stew
Fun Fact: I like to “sing” when my dad makes me my dinner
Mandy’s Story: I came from an animal control facility in Georgia before my dad drove all the way from Illinois to come get me. They say I only had a day or so left. I was very underweight and suffered from heart worm, tapeworm, hookworm, and roundworm, along with a bacterial infection. My dad knew the nutritional benefits of serving a wholesome diet, and he immediately got me started on a variety of Evanger’s dry and canned food. Even the vet could not believe how quickly I started to improve! I pulled through heart worm treatment just fine, and now I’m a happy, healthy dog. Thanks Evanger’s!