Pet of the Month

Name: Chevy
Location: Deerfield, Illinois
Owner: Em Ziner
Breed: American Bulldog and Boxer Mix
Age: 13 months
Favorite Evanger’s Food: Evanger’s Roasted Chicken Drummettes over Grain Free Meat Lover’s Medley kibble
Fun Fact: Cries when he hears his mom opening a can of Evanger’s
Chevy’s Story: Chevy was found on the South Side of Chicago near a dumpster when he was just 3 months old.  His owner abandoned him and Chevy was scared of humans.  We believe he was tragically used as a bait dog.  He had the sweetest face and just needed some love.  We picked him up and took him to the Vet where he got all of his shots and vaccinations.  Chevy had bald patches, scratches on his face, was malnourished, and in pretty bad shape when we found him, so I wanted to feed this abused puppy the best thing I could find and make sure he felt loved.   In just a few weeks sweet little Chevy’s fur started growing back in, and he was getting to a much more healthy weight.  Even the scratches on his face started started healing well.

Chevy grew a lot in the 10 months we’ve had him.  He was 30 pounds at 3 months and is now 90 pounds of pure muscle at 13 months.  His coat looks great and he has the cleanest bill of health thanks to Evanger’s.

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