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Aug 2023
Cat Food Myths: Is Pork Bad For Cats?

Choosing what to feed your pet is never easy. This problem is compounded by the plethora of information – some accurate, some not-so-accurate – circulating on the internet and in common conversations. For example, there’s a prevalent misconception that pork is bad for cats; but is that true? In this blog post, we’ll explore this common misconception and explain why it isn’t true.   Why Pork? While the exact origin of this myth can’t be located. There are various reasons why people may assume pork shouldn’t be fed to cats. For example,......

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Aug 2023
The Benefits of DL-Methionine for Cats

As a good pet owner, it’s important to always be looking out for your cat’s health. Proper nutrition plays one of, if not, the most pivotal role in this mission. One essential amino acid cat owners should look into is DL-Methionine. This vital nutrient offers a plethora of positive benefits for a cat’s overall health, from maintaining urinary health to promoting skin and coat excellence. In this article, we’ll explore the various benefits DL-Methionine can bring your cat.   Balance Urinary pH Levels One of the primary benefits of DL-Methionine for cats......

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Jun 2023
Cat Food Myths: Does Canned Food Cause Dental Disease?

A crucial aspect of every cat’s well-being is their dental health. Just like humans, cats can suffer from dental diseases such as periodontal issues, tooth decay and gingivitis. With the rise in popularity of canned cat food, a common myth has emerged that feeding cats a diet primarily consisting of canned food leads to dental disease. In this article, we’ll explore this myth thoroughly and shed light on the truth behind it. Canned cat food has become a very popular choice among pet owners due to their convenience, palatability and the superior......

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May 2023
How to Transition Your Cat to a New Diet

As cat parents, we want to provide our feline friends with the best possible nutrition to ensure their health and well-being. However, there may come a time when we need to switch our cat’s diet, whether it be due to a medical condition, preference for a different type of food or aging into a new life stage. Here’s how to transition your cat to a new diet smoothly. When introducing a new food, make sure to do it gradually. Cats are known for being picky eaters, and abrupt changes to their diet......

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