Tag: Oral Health

Jun 2023
Cat Food Myths: Does Canned Food Cause Dental Disease?

A crucial aspect of every cat’s well-being is their dental health. Just like humans, cats can suffer from dental diseases such as periodontal issues, tooth decay and gingivitis. With the rise in popularity of canned cat food, a common myth has emerged that feeding cats a diet primarily consisting of canned food leads to dental disease. In this article, we’ll explore this myth thoroughly and shed light on the truth behind it. Canned cat food has become a very popular choice among pet owners due to their convenience, palatability and the superior......

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Apr 2023
Dog Food Myths: Does Kibble Help Clean your Dog's Teeth?

One of the most prevalent myths about dog food is that kibble can help clean your pup’s teeth. Even today, many sites still publish articles about the supposed benefits that kibble has on dogs’ teeth. While there may be certain types of kibble that have been specifically designed to help remove plaque and tarter from your dog’s teeth, kibble as a whole is not good for their overall oral health. Dog’s teeth and mouth structures are designed specifically to eat meat, not to crunch on kibble. Saying that eating kibble helps clean......

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