Unearthing Pet Rock Nostalgia: A Surprising Closet Find from Evanger’s Past

Unearthing Pet Rock Nostalgia: A Surprising Closet Find from Evanger's Past

At Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company, we often hear heartwarming stories from our customers about their experiences with our pet foods. Today, however, we were treated to a truly extraordinary tale that took us on a nostalgic trip back to the 1970s – the era of pet rocks and, apparently, Evanger’s Pet Rock Food.

A customer reached out to us with an unexpected discovery during her closet-cleaning escapade. She claimed to have stumbled upon a can of our pet food that predated our current Heritage Classic line, piquing our curiosity. Wondering if it was merely a misinterpretation of our vintage-inspired packaging, we asked for a photo. Little did we know that the image she sent would take us back in time to a truly unique chapter in our company’s history.

Behold, a can of “Evangers Pet Rock Food” – a relic from what we can only assume was the pet rock craze of the 1970s. As a company founded in 1935, we have always cherished the stories and memories shared by our loyal customers. From tales of multi-generational pet feeding to reminiscences of visiting our facility, which once doubled as a farm, we thought we had heard it all. However, this unexpected find adds a new layer to our treasure trove of Evanger’s memories.

The can, believed to be around 50 years old, is still in remarkably good condition. Its vintage charm takes us back to a time when pet rocks were the quirky companions of choice. We can only imagine the delight and amusement this unconventional pet food must have brought to pet owners during an era known for its offbeat trends.

Evanger’s Pet Rock Food serves as a testament to the enduring quality of our products. To think that a can of dog food could survive the test of time and emerge from a closet, unscathed and still recognizable, is both heartening and neat

A video of a vintage can of Evanger’s Pet Rock Food

. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share this unexpected journey into our past with our customers.

As we continue to evolve and innovate in the world of pet nutrition, finding this vintage gem reinforces the lasting impact Evanger’s has had on the lives of pets and their owners. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the customer who shared this delightful discovery with us. Your closet find has not only made our day but has also added a fascinating chapter to the ongoing story of Evanger’s Dog and Cat Food Company. Here’s to the memories of the past and the exciting adventures that lie ahead!


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