Where to Find Gluten Free Dog Food?

Where to Find Gluten Free Dog Food?

In the last several years, consumers and pet owners alike have become increasingly concerned about their diets, especially individuals and pets who suffer from various ailments and allergies such as gluten sensitivity.

According to the Veterinarian Council in an article written by the USA Today, “In the same way with humans, there will be dogs that are gluten sensitive, they will develop what is called a celiac disease. And for those dogs, the benefit doesn’t outweigh the cost. Dogs suffering from gluten sensitivity can also inhibit symptoms that their owners may not connect to gluten including soft stool that is becoming more persistent, diarrhea with mucus, and their pets becoming lethargic.”

Addressing this sensitivity, Evanger’s has developed a wide range gluten-free dry dog food. In this blog, we will discuss where gluten originates and some of our various dietary solutions.

Understanding the Need for Gluten-Free Nutrition for Dogs

Gluten is a protein found in various grains such as barely, rye, and wheat. Although gluten is not a threat to most dogs, some may be allergic to it. Dogs that are gluten sensitive may experience a range of digestive issues including skin problems or various other adverse reactions. Evanger’s gluten-free dry dog food addresses these issues by eliminating gluten-containing grains from our formulations.

Evanger’s Gluten Free Dry Dog Food

Evanger’s gluten-free dry dog food showcases our commitment to offering a wide range of grains that do not contain gluten. Nutritious ingredients such as brown rice, quinoa, and millet are primary carbohydrate sources that offer a balanced diet without compromising on taste.

High Quality Protein

At Evanger’s, we are committed to offering high quality protein in all our formulations. We use products such as real meat, poultry, or fish as the center of the entrée in our gluten-free meals. These high-quality meats ensure your dog gets essential amino acids crucial for muscle development, energy, and overall health.

Ideal Digestibility

At Evanger’s, we provide highly nutritious gluten-free dog food with the optimal level of digestibility. We meticulously select grains and protein that greatly contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. These nutritious meals make digestion gentle for dogs with sensitivities or those prone to digestive discomfort.

Allergic Friendly Options

Understanding the uniqueness and diversity of dog breeds and sizes, Evanger’s delivers gluten-free dry dog food customized to the nutritional demands of a wide range of canines. Whether your pooch is small and energetic or large and laid-back, we have a gluten-free formulation designed to meet their needs.

Evanger’s gluten-free dry dog food characterizes a leap forward in the mission for optimal pet nutrition. By recognizing the varied dietary needs of dogs and responding to the growing demand for gluten-free options, we are committed to providing high-quality, specialized nutrition for our canine companions.

As a responsible pet owner, choosing the right dog food is an important part of caring for your dog. Evanger’s gluten-free dry dog food not only addresses specific dietary concerns but also offers a flavorful and nutritious meal that contributes to the overall well-being and happiness of your dog. Consider exploring the gluten-free options from Evanger’s to unleash a healthier, gluten-free journey for your canine companion.


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