Tag: Pugs

Jun 2023
Nutritional Tips for Pugs

Adorable and affectionate, pugs may be small, but they pack a big personality! Known for their distinctive facial features, pugs come with a compact body and curly tail to accompany their short and smooth coats. Providing a balanced and appropriate diet for your pug is essential to maintain their overall health, weight and energy levels. In this article, we’ll discuss some valuable nutritional tips specifically tailored for pugs to help you keep your furry friend in optimal condition.   Prioritize Lean Proteins Essential for muscle repair and development, all dogs need the......

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Mar 2023
Avoiding Obesity in Pugs and Bulldogs

When it comes to feeding our pups, it’s important to ensure they’re receiving the best nutrition possible to keep them happy and healthy. For breeds like pugs and bulldogs who are prone to weight gain and obesity, choosing the right food is especially important. That’s where Evanger’s Super Premium dog foods come in. Their low-carbohydrate dog food formulas include super foods such as spinach and kale, making them an excellent choice for these breeds. Dogs, like humans, can experience health issues such as obesity and diabetes when consuming too many carbohydrates. In......

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