Nutritional Tips for Pugs

Nutritional Tips for Pugs

Adorable and affectionate, pugs may be small, but they pack a big personality! Known for their distinctive facial features, pugs come with a compact body and curly tail to accompany their short and smooth coats. Providing a balanced and appropriate diet for your pug is essential to maintain their overall health, weight and energy levels. In this article, we’ll discuss some valuable nutritional tips specifically tailored for pugs to help you keep your furry friend in optimal condition.


Prioritize Lean Proteins

Essential for muscle repair and development, all dogs need the right amount of protein in their diet. When it comes to pugs, opt for leaner protein sources such as chicken, turkey or fish. Due to their tendency to gain weight, these meats are great options as they come with a lot of protein and a minimal amount of fat content, with necessary amino acids as well.


Schedule Your Snacks

When it comes to feeding your pug snacks, it’s best to schedule when you give your snacks out just like you’d do with their main meals. This is because pugs can often beg for snacks without end, and by scheduling their snacks you can help minimize this problem while also keeping a healthy feeding schedule for them.


Regular Vet Check-ups

A good tip for any dog, this is especially important for pugs as they are known to develop a plethora health issues, specifically respiratory issues such as BOAS (Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome). By going to your vet, you can get personalized advice and recommend specific dietary modifications if necessary.


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